The Albatros

The Albatros which now resides in Wells-next-the-sea, is a 100 year old Dutch clipper, built in Rotterdam in 1899.

The beautiful ship was built for Johannes Muller from Middelhanis, Holland where she remained until being sold to Denmark in 1918.

It is belived her owner at this time, and through to the Second World War was a Captain Rasmussen, who used The Albatros as a cargo ship, exporting grain from Denmark to Sweden and even assisted Jewish refugees with their escape from Nazi Germany and delivered weapons to the Danish Resistance.

In 1983 Tonn Brouwer purchased the ship and she has since been fully restored.

From 1990-1996, she was used to carry Soya beans from Belgium to Wells-next-the-sea for a Norfolk agricultural merchant.

In more recent years The Albatros has been used by Greenpeace as an environmental study centre for schoolchildren, and she has now returned to Wells-next-the-sea where she resides on an almost permanent basis.

When she does venture away - either on a day trip or back to her native waters off the Dutch coast, it is not long before she return to the quayside.

As one of the oldest sailing ships still afloat, The Albatros attracts an array of tourists, and is even available for charter by corporate and private groups.

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